Hot Off the (Actual, Physical) Press!

For all you old fogies and/or weirdos (like me) who prefer to do your reading on paper instead of on screen, I am happy to announce that The Belinda Triangle is now available in paperback!

This might never have happened if I hadn’t been invited to be on a panel of authors featured on Indie Author Day on the 14th at the Dallas Public Library. And despite my suspicion that they only invited me as an example of how to do things the hard way, I went ahead and got a case of books printed out for the show-and-tell, and that means you can now order your actual, physical copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble at!

Maybe you, too, will be moved to write a review like the most recent one I received, which a stranger named Jill posted on Amazon with the comment: “Well done . . . pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this.”

Or maybe not. But you’ll never know until you try it!

Giving Back

Pssst . . . Like fiction? Like dystopian/apocalypse fiction? Like FREE dystopian/apocalypse fiction? I know just the place to get your fill. Just go to and pick and choose among 43—count ‘em—Ebooks in that genre, all FREE for the taking (including my own, The Belinda Triangle, for those of you who haven’t already read it)! Take 1 or take all 43 while nobody’s looking! Did I mention they are all FREE? There’s not even a tip jar on the counter! Of course, you are also FREE (but not required) to thank the author by posting a short review on Amazon, but only if you feel like it! Here’s that link again: Offer ends 8/31/2017, so go for it now while supplies last!

Flash: Old Dog Learns New Trick!

Yep, I’m joining the “in crowd” at an online Facebook party for fans of sci-fi and fantasy. The party starts at 1:00 pm TOMORROW(!) and I’ll be interviewed about The Belinda Triangle at 5:45 pm (Dallas time). You are cordially invited to tune in HERE and ask questions of me and/or a bunch of other sci-fi and fantasy authors. Who knows—you might just discover a new favorite!

Launch Countdown

Remember when we used to watch the rocket launches from Cape Canaveral?                                             Image result for photos of nasa rocket launch

The countdown to liftoff? Ten, nine, eight . . . All that noise and flames and smoke, and that instant at Zero before anything moved, when we held our collective breath because we didn’t know if the thing would go straight up or fall over sideways or just explode?

Okay, I’ve just dated myself, and younger readers will wonder what was the big deal, but I’m feeling like that right now.  Because this Saturday, my ebook The Belinda Triangle will be sent to Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo for publication.

It will be out of my protective hands and subject to the merciless market. Just as the laws of physics determine the fate of the rocket on the launch pad, so will the laws of supply and demand determine the fate of my book. And boy, is there a lot of supply out there!

So I’m about to find out if there’s enough demand  to get The Belinda Triangle off the ground. All I can do now is watch and wait. And try not to break my fingers because they’re crossed so tight.